I'm a woman in her 20s trying my best to enjoy life  and remain fashionable while doing so. Philadelphia native with dual degrees in International Business and Fashion Merchandising and hoping to find that perfect job that will allow me to travel the world while working with fashion and the people in it.

For the most part I am all about balance when it comes to living life. I like to work hard and play hard and I think too much work can make life boring, but too much fun can make life a disaster so balance is always the way to go in my book. I like to be well rounded in all aspects of my life so trying new things is a habit in itself. One can never meet too many people, so being outgoing and sociable is also something I like to do. Hey doing that was how I got my internship for Plus-Size-Tall.com while I was studying abroad in Paris, so I'm a big believer in socializing. Like my mother always says, "You never know who you're going to meet."

Feel free to contact me at imani.johann@gmail.com
You can also find me on Instagram and Twitter